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1.2 and More!

Yanberg, Apr 17, 12 3:20 PM.
1.2 Has Arrived!

With the arrival of 1.2 we have no started hard modes and running 8 man ops. This is a big thing speaking almost everyone in the guild joined below lvl 30.

RP Has had great turn outs! Our weekly and biweekly Rp events have been a huge hit!
There are many more on the way with big things for the future.

Now at 185 Members!

As of 4/03/12 We have been here for 4 months. To everyone who made this possible and everyone who wears The Galactic Alliance tag under your name you could never be thanked enough.

I salute you!


Great past Two Weeks!

Yanberg, Mar 10, 12 12:54 AM.
The past two weeks have been amazing!

We are now up to 160 Members and still growing!
We now have weekly events including.

Boss Night Mondays 8PM EST
PVP night Tuesday 9PM EST

With many more to come.

Many people have recently hit 50 and many more on the way Raiding is in the works for the future
If interested best to do get with Jiiso or Zannol in the future to let them know you are interested.

We still are Looking for a RP officer. Some one who loves to write stories ect.. if you think that might be you we would love to hear from you.

We are currently Looking to create a alliance with other guilds and some are in the works as we speak.

Thank you all for everything you do and have done. This could not be done without all of you!


End of the Month update!

Yanberg, Feb 25, 12 12:32 AM.
Welcome to our New Fleet Admiral!

After all his hard work and dedication he is being recognized as the second in command to
The Galactic Alliance
and defender of the republic.

We have grown a lot since we first started. We are now up to 125 Members!

I Hope many of you try and go for leadership. Everyone i have met in the guild have great quality's of character and
am honored to Serve with you.

Over the past few weeks many have hit 50! Grats to all of you!

Over the next few weeks will be starting events such as RP Night, and PVP.
If there is anyone who is interested in taking charge of these events get with a Officer or Jisso.

I would have never thought this guild would have gotten this far but it is cause
of all of you great people. Keep up the great work and show the Imps what the
Republic Has to Offer!!!



Yanberg, Jan 21, 12 12:19 PM.
January 21st 2012

We have opened all ranks up.

If you are looking for a leadership role in The Galactic Alliance Please contact
Either Jiiso or Mither.

We have many Positions open under information on the home page (mid Left)
is where the rank structures are listed.
I look forward to hearing from our future leaders.
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